In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 sustainable development goals: political goals that should ensure sustainable development at an economic, social and ecological level (eg "end poverty", "education for all", "sustainable consumption and production", " Protect land ecosystems ”). The goals must be implemented nationally; in Germany this is done through the German Sustainability Strategy.

In addition to politics, it is primarily consumers who influence through their behavior. For example, the demand for organic food has been increasing for years; similarly, natural cosmetics are gaining market share, and eco-certificates have become an integral part of many packaging.

AFTS – assured farm to shelf

Further pressure on companies is created by large asset managers who make sustainability their new investment standard. Management board members risk not being relieved if their companies cannot provide meaningful sustainability information.
As a result, companies must ensure and demonstrate that they take corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. This is especially true for manufacturers of consumer goods. The consumer goods manufacturers, in turn, commit their suppliers to CSR goals, so that the entire supply chain is affected as a result.

Our service

We help companies to demonstrate that their supply chains are sustainable and tamper-proof. So far, this proof has not been easy to provide.

  • First, supply chains usually consist of many participants who do not have the same interests and do not trust each other.
  • Second, competitive information such as concrete raw material sources must not be published in an uncontrolled manner.
  • Third, supply chains for natural raw materials often begin in regions where the level of organization is just as low as the technological equipment of the supplying parties.
  • Fourth, fake sustainability can help make a lot of money, so there is an incentive to falsify information.
  • AFTS – assured farm to shelf

    Against this background, there is a need for effective, non-manipulable “Track & Trace” systems to demonstrate the sustainability of a variety of supply chains with reasonable effort.
    AFTS offers such a track and trace system, which is based on cloud and blockchain, is suitable for a variety of manufacturing industries, and is provided and billed as SaaS (Software as a Service).
    Our service is characterized by a number of innovative and unique features:

    AFTS – assured farm to shelf
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of products, not limited to one product group (such as coffee, fish or wine).
  • “Enterprise Ready”: SaaS, so simple implementation, no hosting effort, no problems with updates and the like.
  • Low costs: Use of Ethereum, an open blockchain ("public ledger"), thereby lower license costs than with a "private ledger".
  • Openness: Easy and extensive integration into ERP and CRM systems at the customer by using APIs.

  • Our customers can demonstrate credibly, tamper-proof and transparently that their products actually have the advertised properties (place of origin, harvest conditions, transport conditions, etc.). This enables them to upgrade their products, consolidate their position with their customers, enforce higher sales prices and positively influence their image among end consumers and NGOs. Our customers can make the information on the supply chain that is stored in the blockchain available to different audiences in a very targeted way.

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    About us

    AFTS was founded in 2020. The company name stands for "Assured Farm to Shelf" and expresses our corporate purpose: We help our customers to demonstrate in a credible, tamper-proof and transparent manner that their products actually have the sustainable properties they claim.


    AFTS is based in Berlin. We are a young agile company combined with many years of experience in industry and IT. We are in close contact with the Institute for Applied Blockchain at the Digital Business University of Applied Science in Berlin. This gives us direct access to current technological trends, which we incorporate into the further development of our service.

    Have we piqued your interest? Talk to us, we look forward to it!


    Develop more sustainably supply chains together with our customers.

    Junior Full-Stack Developer interested in blockchain

    Junior Product Development Manager

    If you have a passion for sustainability and innovative technologies, we have fantastic opportunities for you!


    AFTS is funded by
    Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


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